Mini Map 0-1

0-1 is a tutorial map where new players start the game. Located on this map are various quests given to the player to learn the basics of the game. Once the player leaves, you cannot revisit the map.


You begin the game in a Phoenix ship with a single MP-1 laser equipped. A distress call from a nearby company Phoenix is being attacked by three Streuners. These Streuners give more rewards than normal upon defeat, granting 3,000 Experience Points. Here you will learn how to fire your weapons, as well as repairing your ship.

The Phoenix then drops some cargo, three prometium, two endurium, and one terbium. You are asked to collect these ores, then an AI controlled Goliath and Vengeance arrive to escort the Phoenix to the jump portal that appears near to the top left corner of the map. You then have to jump through this portal to begin in your X-1 company base map.


  • When you jump through the portal, you won't see the Phoenix or the escort ships on the other side.
  • If you somehow manage to get yourself killed in this map (through the Streuners or radiation zone), you will be able to respawn at X-1 for free, without using the portal.
  • You may shoot the Phoenix that is under attack. You will able to take it's shield down, however you won't be able to destroy it (same with the escort ships).
  • You don't always have to start out with the Phoenix with an MP-1 laser cannon. It is possible to purchase better credit equipment through clans or purchase better uridium equipment through login bonuses.
  • And when the Goliath and Vengence show up you can shoot them and take their sheilds down, but not kill them.

The ship you start out with, a Phoenix Star Jet

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