Old 2-2


New 2-2


This is the second map visitable by EIC s. When you arrive here, you will encounter the first opponents that initially attack on sight, the Lordakians . It is useful to have a good built up ship before coming here.

This is also the first PvP area for EIC s, so sometimes a player from another company will enter and attack you. Newbies will instantly blow up, but if a player is significantly strong, they will be able to take a few shots before dying, or even defeat the player. Enemy players that reach 2-2 are very strong, and if they reach the portal to 2-1 , they'll usually take a lot of damage as the stronger EIC players are usually at that portal

Company kill : Impossible, due to not being able to shoot at someone of your own company.



  • Top right: 2-1
  • Bottom left: 2-3
  • Bottom right: 2-4

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