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New 3-3


3-3 is a lower battle map belonging to VRU. It unfortunately, is the hub of Company Killers and a very dangerous area for Pheonixes, Yamatos, Defcons and Liberators. There are many larger ships here as well though to help, but also this is the main only direct EIC route to 3-2 so watch out for EIC and MMO. A Pirate Gate is also housed in the top right of the map.


There are 4 types of aliens found here:

Near the bottom right portal, you may find a lot of new players who are hunting and collecting ore. There are many Company Killers here as well due to the fact 3-2 is a demilitarized map, letting players accomplish this at ease.


There are 2 types of Ore found here:

  • Endurium
  • Terbium


There are 4 portals found here:

  • Portal leading to 2-4 (top left)
  • Portal leading to 3-4 (bottom left)
  • Portal leading to 3-2 (bottom right)
  • Portal leading to LoW Group Gate (top right)

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