New 3-8

3-8 is an Upper Map owned by the VRU company. It is home to the uppers base for VRU players.


The main elements of 3-8 are:

  • The base, in the middle on the right side of the map.
  • The portals:
    • The top left portal leads to 3-7;
    • The bottom left portal leads to 3-6;

Level RequirementEdit

  • VRU players must be level 12 or above to enter 3-8.
  • MMO and EIC players must be level 17 or above to enter 3-8.


Aliens on 3-8 are:


  • If your ship is destroyed in an upper map, and you are level 12 or above, then you will restart in 3-8, not 3-1.
  • 3-8 is generally fairly quiet when it comes to enemy activity... but any enemy that can enter 3-8 is high-level. So be ready to run for the base or a portal if you see a fast-moving red dot on the minimap.
  • Because 3-8 is quiet, it's generally a good place to collect bonus boxes.

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