Drill formation

The F-15-DL 3D Drill Drone Formation is an Elite Drone Formation. It can be used as long as you have four or more drones equipped with your Ship.

Official DescriptionEdit

This formation has a special look in the 3D client.

Augment your drone control unit with the Dome Formation.

Laser damage is increased by 20%; however, shield points are reduced by 25%, shield spread by 5%, and speed by 5%.

As long as you have 4 or more drones, you can use this formation any time after you‘ve purchased it.


Drill formation

The F-15-DL 3D Drill Formation shop icon.

The F-15-DL 3D Drill Drone Formation is available in the Shop at a cost of 150,000 Uridium. It is not available in Trade at this time.

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