4-5 is a rare map that is not considered a battle map, but rather an Uber alien home map. This is the main location for any Uber type aliens, along with Boss type aliens. Just as the battle maps, you cannot jump out of a portal if you are being attacked by other players (aliens are an exception). By using a jump CPU, you are able to teleport out of the map. This map is where you can begin finding the portal to reach the Pirate maps 5-X. PvP rules apply so if attacked by an alien or an enemy player, you must be away from any danger before attempting to leave. A rare wormhole is also found on this map.

Story Edit

4-5 was not an original map. Story goes that an O Class Blue Giant, located in the area Space Pilots call 4-4, went Type II Supernova. This is why in 4-4 there appears to a very large bright object surrounded by gas and dust in the center of the map. This is gas and dust being heated to extreme temperatures as it is pulled around the black hole at high speeds. Much like the super massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. This black hole sucked in all sorts of gas and dust, including aliens and space pilots of all classes. Astonishingly, the aliens survived the chaotic journey through the black hole. However, the major Corporations was not aware until cargo transports turned up missing. Eventually through Comm. chatter and GPS guidance the wrecked transports were found in 4-5 and a scout party from all Corporations was sent. By this time it was a Cross-Corporation affair. Foolishly the Corporations did not have the scouts acquired with cloak CPU. One scout however survived long enough to transmit an video of what appeared to be a Devolarium, with a red halo surrounding it, fire a massive hex-plasma round at the scout. There were no survivors. Wisely, the Corporations sent cloaked drones to gather for Intel on the rare entity. They were amazed to find that 4-5 contained a vast array of aliens with the same reddish-halo observed in the video as well as regular boss aliens. Through intensive study from downed aliens scientists were able to conclude that during the alien’s journey through the black hole, the chemical composition and molecular structure of their ships was altered, giving them the distinct reddish-halo effect. The DNA composition of the alien’s pilots changed as well which explains why they did not parish due to the intensive Gamma and X-Ray Radiation given off during the journey through the black hole. The black hole in 4-4 has been marked as a Class ED hazard (the highest class) and is a no fly zone for a radius of 2.5 light years.The named "Uber" was given to the aliens with the reddish-halo because even Full Elite pilots had difficulty destroying them. 4-5 is open to space pilots now but is advised only well equipped pilots enter. No corporation is liable for property damage/loss, injury, or death that occurs in 4-5. However, scientists were never able to explain what happened to the human space pilots. No man made wreckage was ever found. The leading theory is that they are the so-called, "SaNeJiEwZ's" and fled into Deep Space immediately upon arrival in 4-5.

New 4-5

Aliens Edit

Below aliens are found on 4-5, varying from Boss and Uber versions:

Cubikon and Protegit aliens are the only regular aliens not found on this map



  • There is a rare Wormhole in the center of this map.
  • As of August 10th, 2011, 4-5 is a map that contains portals to the Pirate home map. 4-4 is the exit from the pirate maps.

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