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Saboteurs,Barracudas and Annihilators. There is palladium in the middle. In the middle is mist to behind the red. the bottom and top of 5-1 is filled with mines so the safest way to get through is by going through the maze.

However, it is possible for a cloaked ship to navigate the mine field fairly easily. The mines in the 5-x maps will not kill you if you are cloaked, as long y right through all the mines and not die, but remember to do this you have to be cloaked because if you are not most likely an npc will shoot you and kill you.

If you Need to go through this dangerous map it is advised you have at least 1 cloak spare. Also dispite a common no pvp approch on multiple Servers, some (cloaked) enemies will lie in wait for a ship to cross their path.

Alien's encountered in 5-1Edit

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