New 5-1

This is the first map you will encounter when you jump through on of the three center most portals in [4-5]. There is palladium in the middle of the maze in the middle of the map. To traverse through this map safely, it is suggested to use a cloak (though it is possible to traverse it without a cloak if you have a fast ship) and run the maze. Avoid the center of the map because of the mist that can uncloak you, although you cannot harvest palladium without entering this mist. If you try to traverse the top or bottom of the map, there are mines placed densely that can kill you if you don't pay attention, especially if you are running uncloaked.

If you need to go through this dangerous map it is advised you have at least one spare cloak. Also despite a common no PVP approach on multiple servers, some cloaked enemies will lie in wait for a ship to cross their path.

The portal on the left side of the map leads to 5-2.

Alien's encountered in 5-1Edit

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