5-2 is a Pirate owned map being connected by 5-1 and connection to 5-3 via portal on the left side of the map. It is a Base map in which the Pirates own and all companies are able to exchange here. The center of the map is surrounded by debris pieces (like in the Birthday Gate, 5-1, 5-3) but is minimal compared to the other maps. You cannot find Palladium in this map. Hitting the debris of the base will halt your ship. VRU, MMO, & EIC all share this base and are mostly neutral towards each other, but it doesn't mean people are not willing to destroy enemy company ships. It is recommended to stay near the base otherwise you will find yourself destroyed in the safest pirate map. There is also a broken gate in the bottom right of the map, which you cannot enter.

Marauder's market Edit

5-2 Base

Marauder's Market

In the middle of this map you will find a Demilitarized zone base that allows players to exchange Palladium in the quantities of 15 for extra galaxy gate energy.

Alien's encountered in 5-2Edit