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5-2 is a Pirate owned Map, connecting 5-1 and 5-3, and is also the only map where you can exchange Palladium into Galaxy Gate Energy. It is a Base map in which the Pirates own and all companies are able to exchange here. It contains all the Pirate aliens except the Battleray. The center of the map is surrounded by debris pieces (Like in the Birthday Gate, 5-1, 5-3) but is minimal compared to the other maps. Palladium is not located in this map. Coming too close to the base in the center halts you just as the red squared debris. Along with this, the base is a Demilitarized Zone near the sides and the middle. VRU, MMO, and EIC alike are at the Base, which is also the only Demilitarized Zone in the Pirate sector apart from the portals.

Alien's encountered in 5-2Edit

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