5-3 is the last Pirate map before you jump back to 4-4 via portal on the left side of the map. It houses the Notorious Battleray, who will spawn Interceptors to guard it just like Protegits with Cubikons.

5-3 is very dangerous to pass, even more dangerous than 5-1 because of the mines which are scattered densely around the exit area, one or more Saboteur(es) will pop Sub-Elites easily with their slows, even Full Elite might find themselves dying. In the lower part of map, there is a blue mist area containing lots of palladium, there most people collecting palladium are neutral towards others and will not shoot them. This doesn't mean that there will not be people who are willing to shoot you.

Warning: When exiting the map, don't get comfortable yet because 4-4 is a battle map and you spawn near your company's portal to X-5 and someone can be camping there to destroy unsuspected pilots.

Alien's encountered in 5-3Edit


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