hello 720 REN^IS^HERE and the threat of war is closer then ever so me and ]pyrus[ have been talking and decided to put a new thing in clan warfare the ships will be givin roles to play in wars both elite and non elite


This ship will have a role of the main offense ship for noobs and a ship for scouting and recon obvectives it's fast and is tiny making it less likely for it to be targeted on when cloaked


This ship will be only used for back up and assistance only thanks to it's slow speed but superior strength for noobs


For FE's it will be the main killing machine in a war with its high HP and it's 15 slot capacity in lazers


This will be used for a scouting ship and another killing machine for FES but for things that goliaths can't catch like other VEANGEANCES or GOLIATH's that are to fast for the 720 ones

thats all 720 let's hope in the upcoming war we will have much luck REN^IS^HERE out

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