hey guys _-_wargod_-_ here in berlin had to go early anyway

now first off I was nominated to lead the new elite force of 720 the 720 marines which I am happy about

secondly war has begun with [305] THE CRONIAN EMPIRE

and [VSO] VENUS SPECIAL OPS ]pyrus[ and ren has tried to get a peace pact with [305] but they're not really listening

[VSO] and [720] is in a stale mate but it doesn't look like 10 days is going to be the whole war it could go on for a month or 2 until the war is over

and finally 720 is starting to get it's strength back with ]pyrus[ and ren getting HST-1's and 720 has been able to recover pirahnas anyway that is it [720] cya in a week

LEADER of 720 marines


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