To set the destination simply click on the target map, it will then display the information at the bottom of the star map for you; along with the cost for the jump. 

To perform the jump click the jump now button and after a brief warm-up you will be jumped to a random position in that map.

To switch between the lower and upper star systems click the link at the top left of the tab.

Some small facts:

· The current star system you are in is shown by the White target symbol

· The destination star system is shown by the yellow portal symbol.

· A system locked due to level restrictions is grayed out with a padlock and XP symbol

· A system locked due to Uridium shortage is grayed out with a padlock and Elite symbol

· An enemies X-1 map is shown by a red cross.

· A jump cannot be performed if you are being attacked, the usual 20 second cool-down applies
· You cannot jump onto special maps – Galaxy Gates, TDM maps, Jackpot maps, etc.
· You cannot jump whilst in motion, if you move whilst a jump is counting down, the jump will be cancelled.

Jump Costs

The cost of a jump is dependent on the destination map, and how far away from it you currently are. The images below show the jump costs for every

Ajp-01 chart 1

Ajp-01 chart 2

Ajp-01 chart 3


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