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Achievements are the various goals or challenges for players to beat which have various tasks and missions to do but usually with a reward. Achievements also reward a title, depending on the achievement, which are usaully:
  • General Achievements
  • Activity Achievements, which has sub-categories:
    • Destruction
    • Collection
    • Factory
  • P.E.T.
  • PvP Achievements


Hello Space Pilots,

the Heads of the Companies know that you all like to compete, so they came up with something that reflects that – introducing: the Achievement system! Brag to your friends, gather points, rise through the ranks and show off your Medals you got along the way! With this multi-staged system you can keep track of your accomplishments in-game and focus on new challenges – don’t be modest, show us what you can do!

Check out the new Achievement system in your Pilot Bio and see for yourselves!

Regards, Your DarkOrbit Team!

Quoted from:

General AchievementsEdit

Ninja Master

You are camouflaged for 60 minutes.

5 achievement points

Activity AchievementsEdit



Small fortuneEdit

Collect 100 bonus boxes.

Small fortuneEdit

Collect 100 bonus boxes.

Waves of wealthEdit

Collect 1.000 bonus boxes.

Boxful of richesEdit

Collect 10.000 bonus boxes.

Collection rageEdit

Collect 100.000 bonus boxes.

King of the BoxingEdit

Collect 1.000.000 bonus boxes.

My first millionEdit

Collect 1.000.000 credits.

Constant cash-flowEdit

Collect 5.000.000 credits.

Credit billionaireEdit

Collect 7.500.000 credits.

Money, money, money!Edit


Croesus CollectEdit

25.500.000 credits.

No money no cryEdit

Collect 100.000 Uridium.

Money on my mindEdit

Collect 330.000 Uridium.

Mind on my moneyEdit

Collect 500.000 Uridium.

Richy RichEdit

Collect 1.000.000 Uridium.

King MidasEdit

Collect 2.500.000 Uridium.


Lightning raidEdit

Destroy 5 targets in one try with the lightning attack tech.


Bonus box snufflerEdit

Let your PET collect 500 bonus boxes.

P.E.T loverEdit

Your P.E.T. is activated for 3.000 minutes.


The first joke Edit

  • Destroy 10 player ships

Decimation Edit

  • Destroy 50 player ships

Butcher Edit

  • Destroy 500 player ships

Weapon of mass destruction Edit

  • Destroy 1,000 player ships

The grim Reaper Edit

  • Destroy 10,000 player ships

"Lord of likes" titleEdit

Only posible to achieve when you check out this page:

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