An Admin Police is a special type of Vengeance ship that is controlled by an admin or moderator. They have increased stats and abilities from the regular ships due to having fast repair, more slots for extras and generators, and maybe even invincibility. Their design has a constant red and blue flashing lights. A player can have an Admin Police ship temporarily by being shot with a WIZ-X rocket but by a small percent chance.   


Admin Police ships are said to have up to 13,266,000 hitpoints or more (invincible) making them near impossible to destroy, even with a different shield than regular ships , and it is the fastest ship in dark orbit ! .

The ship is not a NPC and is recommended not to attack. Just like all passive aliens they will not attack you if you don't attack them (if you are on the same company). Destroying a Police ship grants a large sum of Credits and Uridium. The police ship has more generator and extra slots than the Goliath ship and it can have 12 Iris drones but only 9 are shown.