The newly released Aegis design by Kelper Foundries.

Aegis Elite CD-EL-02
Aegis Elite Design
Official Description
Not only does this design look menacing, it comes with 5% more damage plus the following changes to the duration of the Aegis' skills: 50% increase for Repair Pod, 20% decrease for Shield Repair and 10% decrease for HP Repair.


200,000 Uridium in shop and is also in the daily trade.


The Aegis Elite, comes under an 'Elite' type of design.

As well as it being quite a dark ship, the design adds neon lights which are found around the 'Repair hands' of the Aegis giving the ship an unique feel.

It is now considered, that to be UFE you need to not only have full hangars but also have the Elite designs of the new ships.

The new Aegis Elite Offers 5% more Damage as a bonus. However it reduces some of the skill times. The Repair pod it makes last longer.

Brilliant for killing aliens or doing Galaxy Gates, as well as PVP hunting in an outfit.

The Aegis Elite, alongside Diamond Formation and at least 400,000 to 500,000 shield, is enough to solo a Cubikon with X2 ammo, provided you have a decent pilot bio

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