Group Gate (LoW)

A Lord of War (LoW) alien is an alien that is located only inside an Epsilon Gate or the outfit/group portal found on any X-3 map which takes you to the LoW home map. These type of aliens were first introduced as a test outfit gate on the X-3 map, which had the goal of destroying a mothership alien called the Century Falcon which is actually not found in the Epsilon Gate.



The Century Falcon, in the group gate, only spawns when all four beacons are charged. It then will be located in the center of the map when completed.

Objective once in the group gate mapEdit

Group gate breakdown

Once inside the X-3 group gate solo or with friend(s), your objective is to destroy the Century Falcon. You complete this task by first charging all the beacons that are located on the map.

After doing so while many Alien are already chasing you, a Century Falcon spawns at the center of the map which is where the healing base is located as well. The repair base gives you boosts to that of which can be compared to the Solace's Nano Repair Cluster ability, but only much weaker and also depends on the number of beacons currently charged (each beacon charged doubles the amount of HP, starting with 2500 for one beacon and ending with 20,000 with all four beacons) The Century Falcon will wander the center of the map until it has sight of you and will attack until you are destroyed.

Dying in LoW grants free repairs to your ship and drones take no damage. However, a percentage of your cargo will be lost each time.


Once you destroy the Century Falcon, you completed the objective and are rewarded:

  • Achievement: Falconer (first time only)
  • Rewards dropped from Century Falcon


  • If using Venom, save your ability until you reach the Century Falcon, this will make your kill slightly easier. Same goes with the Diminisher.
  • If under attack by an excessive amount of aliens, shoot at one alien at a time while running such as doing in a normal Galaxy Gate
  • Don't forget to pass through the repair base often if you reach critical health points