Motherships are the immense aliens that either deal massive damage, or release smaller aliens to protect it. All current mothership aliens do not have a Boss or Uber Versions (besides the Kucurbium). Rewards when destoying a mothership are split upon any players who shot at it, much like an open outfit.

Certain mothership aliens only appear during or after certain Events. Once they appear, a text is displayed at the top of the screen and displays their current location. After they are destroyed, a new one appears at a different random location, which usually goes from Lower Maps to Upper Maps.

Mothership aliens Edit

Below is a list of all mothership aliens:

Mothership Releases (minions) Does it attack? Location
Cubikon Protegits No X-6
Ice Meteoroid Icy No Certain order of maps
Super Ice Meteoroid Icy Yes Certain order of maps
Battleray Interceptors Yes 5-3
Century Falcon Vagrants Yes LoW and Kappa Gate
Boss Kucurbium Kucurbium Yes Level Invasion Gate and Kappa Gate
Boss Curcubitor Curcubitor Yes, two skills Certain order of maps
Devourer Releases certain aliens on final waves Yes Zeta Gate only
Hitac-Mothership Hitac-Minion (6 only) Yes Certain order of maps
Demaner Freighter No, however it is protected by 8 Demaner Escorts Yes X-3, X-4


  • Be cautious of any mothership due to their massive hit-points, shields, and damage.
  • It is advised to have a group of players to destroy one, going solo can result in failure.

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