Story Edit

Once, in Dark Orbit's history, a black hole in 4-4 sucked in a few of each alien species into the unknown sector of 4-5. There, with a combo of isolation and the intense radiation, the Kristallin began tinkering with the other alien's DNA, finally mutating them into the infamous Uber-class aliens of today.

What they are Edit

Uber aliens are aliens that are eight times stronger version of the Regular aliens and times two stronger than Boss aliens. Uber aliens are most noted for having a red aura glow (UberKristallins and UberKristallons do have it too, but due to their bright red color it is hard to notice) and appear much different than the regular alien versions. The statistics of Uber Alien are that they have eight times the shields, HP, damage, and rewards/cargo drop.

When entering 4-5, you will encounter many Uber aliens, mostly grouped together, most aggresive, while some passive. Destroying a Uber alien acts the same as a mothership, the rewards are split upon the players who shot at it. There is also a random chance of receiving a one hour booster and/or few Log-Disks from killing any Uber alien.


Uber aliens can only be found in the following maps:

4-5 can be accessed through the Upper Map, X-5.

List of Uber aliensEdit


  • Avoid going to 4-5 alone, you may get overwhelmed by Uber aliens or ambushed FE/UFE players.
  • Use a fast ship to avoid hordes of Uber Aliens when needed.
  • Aegis are great for soloing aliens and invaluable group members.

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