This page is meant as a helpful guide to what you should, and shouldn't aim for.

If you are any type of phoenix, you should target:

If you are any type of Liberator, you should target all of the phoenix's targets plus:

If you are a Piranha, target all aliens above plus:

If you have a Nostromo or Spearhead, add these to your list of targets:

Try to avoid pvp in the above ships except if FE or UFE!

Stronger ships:

If you bough the Vengeance, chase down these guys too:

If you have a Goliath or Aegis, stay with what's above unless you are FE and can take down:

If you have a Citadel, you can tank:

In all the "Stronger" ships, you can target uber aliens solo, just beware the Uber Lordakiums and Uber Kristallons!

Also, in these ships, you could do a bit of pvp or try to solo a Cubikon (good luck with that if you don't have an FE or UFE Vengeance or up!)

Additional tips see: Tips For Newbs and Tips and Tricks.

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