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Galaxy Gate Alpha

The Alpha Gate is the first known galaxy gate and is considered the easiest. (even though some people say Lambda is easier). This gate contains almost all of the regular aliens (Although Lordakium is the exception: They are missing) found on the maps. Cargo drop, rewards, strength and HP of aliens is normal. 34 parts are needed to build this gate.

Alien waves

  1. 40 Streuners
  2. 40 Lordakias
  3. 40 Mordons
  4. 80 Saimons
  5. 20 Devolariums
  6. 80 Kristallins
  7. 20 Sibelons
  8. 80 Sibelonits
  9. 16 Kristallons
  10. 30 Protegits


  • 20,000 Uridium (+6.488 Uridium from Aliens.)
  • 20,000 UCB-100.
  • 100,000 Honor (+12.366 Honor from Aliens.)
  • 4,000,000 EP (+2.057.600 EP from Aliens.)
  • 2 Log Disks.
  • 2 Repair Credits.
  • 1 Alpha Gate ring (First time completion only)
  • 1 Kronos Gate piece.

Building Alpha Gate

When you are building this Galaxy Gate it is important that you build it correctly. This means that you should not spend 10,000 Uridium per day on the gate because you don't get anywhere with it. It is recommended that you complete the gate all in one try. This gate needs 34 parts in order to be complete, which is approximately 80,000 to 150,000 Uridium , depending on how lucky you are, sometimes you may spend more on it. And also, you can get galaxy gate clicks by collecting palladium in 5-3 and sell it in 5-2. 150 Palladium = 10 Galaxy Gate clicks.

For more information, please visit the Galaxy Gate page

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