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Ammunition (also known as ammo) is the material fired, scattered, dropped, or detonated from any weapon. Below are the categories of ammo, which fall into Battery and Rockets which require a laser cannon, rocket launcher rockets which require a rocket launcher, and mines can simply be dropped once obtained, not requiring a weapon.

LCB-10 Icon MCB-25 Icon MCB-50 Icon SAB-50 Icon JOB-100 Icon RSB-75 Icon

DCR-250 Icon R-310 Icon PLT-2026 Icon PLT-2021 Icon PLT-3030 Icon PLD-8 Icon
WIZ-X Icon EMP-1 Icon

ECO-10 Icon HSTRM-01 Icon UBR-100 Icon SAR-01 Icon SAR-02 Icon CBR Icon

ACM-1 Icon DD-M01 Icon EMP-M01 Icon SAB-M01 Icon SL-M01 Icon

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