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Apis is a drone that is possible to be used as an extra drone for those who already have eight regular drones equipped. It is somewhat difficult to obtain. To do so, you can either collect 45 blueprints, which will build it over time, or purchase it instantly with Uridium.

Apis Drone

Obtaining blueprintsEdit

Since the drone can not be purchased from the Shop or won in Auction, you must collect blueprints from Pirate Booty, or purchase it instantly for 1,050,000 Uridium.

A player can not carry more than 45 blueprints at a time, however, they can carry blueprints after they have been used on the Apis, which is useful for quick, easy replacements. When the drone was first introduced, everyone received 5 blueprints to start them off. If you are lucky, you can also get the full drone from any green booty when the event is on.

The total cost goes down with every blueprint you collect (about 45000 Uridium for every part you get) . If all 45 blueprints are obtained, you can produce the drone for free. It takes damage just like other drones but is only damaged by 1% each time your ship is destroyed. It can also be repaired for 500 Uridium with the loss of a level down and bonuses.

It is recommended to search for Apis part on Golden Pirate Booty (Zeus Event) and build your Apis on Apis Event. Golden Pirate Booty gives you both part (Zeus & Apis). Rather than spending your booty keys on Apis Event, which will only give you Apis Part although on Apis Event you can get the drone instantly but the chance are low, take the opportunity for the chance of getting both the Zeus and Apis drone.


  • In the game's story, it is a Pirate Drone.
  • It was released on September 15, 2011
  • It closely resembles an Iris drone, but with blue markings.

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