BDR-1211 (Birthday Rocket) is an elite special type of rocket released to celebrate DarkOrbit's anniversary.

Birthday rockets by yearEdit


An amount of 2012 birthday rockets are given out as a reward when completing the Birthday Gate, only available on December 11, 2012.


Introduced in 2011, if a player were to log into the game during December 7 to the 11th, they are given an amount of rockets determined by the time of account creation of DarkOrbit.

2011 reward chartEdit

If you have a playtime of:

  • 4+ years, you are rewarded 5,000 rockets,
  • 4–2 years, you are rewarded 4,000 rockets,
  • 2–1 years, you are rewarded 2,500 rockets,
  • 1 year or less, you are rewarded 500 rockets

In-game descriptionEdit

Cause extensive damage to aliens of max. 7,500 per shot! On other pilot's ships, they only cause a max. 4,000 damage per hit.