A Base is a large company owned station that has a Demilitarized Zone and provides main access to:

There are a total of seven bases. Each company owning two, one in their X-1 map, and the other in X-8. Along with the pirate base map in 5-2. When/if killed you will be placed at one of these bases, you cannot however, be placed in the pirate map 5-2 base.

Sometimes a Battle Station can act as a base because you can do things such as sell raw materials there.

Ore selling formulaEdit

While selling ore at a base, it is sold based on a player's current Honor, formula being:

Ore's worth + Ore's worth/500 * honor/1,000(rounded down).

The "Ore's worth" is as follows:


  • If you try selling ore at an enemy base, it will sell for the original price.
  • Entering your base during a battle, will stop your attacker from attacking you (only if you are not attacking) due to the Demilitarized Zone.
  • You can now only accept missions at the base, this option was removed from the back-page some time ago.

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