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Battle maps

A Battle map (also known as areas 4-X or a bmap) is an area in which PvP (player vs player) is strictly enforced. There is no Demilitarized Zones found on any of these maps. Once on a battle map, entering combat with an enemy or even an ally player will not allow you to jump through a portal until a cooldown. You can also use a Jump CPU extra to escape if you have trouble out running your enemy. This applies to being attacked from enemy players or friendly fire. The battle map area links the Lower and Upper map sections together.

Areas Edit

Each company has its own battle map areas, which follows as 4-1 is owned by MMO, 4-2 by EIC, and 4-3 by VRU, while 4-4 is not owned by any company, and 4-5 is inhabited by boss and uber type aliens. Each battle map area does not contain any ore, resources, or aliens (besides 4-5 having uber type); all the battle maps have bonus boxes which even contain times x1.5 the content. 4-4 is slightly a higher traffic map due to having three portals close together in the middle which lead to 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3.


  • If you are just traveling through the battle maps, it is recommended to use a cloaking extra or a fast ship
  • A skilled tactic to further avoid enemies or if you are being chased is to use and EMP and then a cloak extra.

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