Hit points 330,000
Shield 260,000
Average Damage 4,800-6,400(~8,400 with interceptors)
Base Speed ---
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
The Battleray is a Pirate mothership alien. Once in battle, it attempts to defend itself and deploys a swarm of Interceptors.


The Battleray is a Pirate mothership alien. Once in battle, it attempts to defend itself by deploying a swarm of Interceptors, just as the Cubikon does with the Protegits. It attacks with UCB-100 ammo. Most Ultra-Elite players can handle this alien alone, while Full-Elite players might require a few outfit members to take it down. The best tactic to use is by letting one player shoot the Battleray while others in the outfit destroy the Interceptors. If there are more than one player attacking the battleray it will go into Uber mode firing RSB-75 ammo doing 1.5x more damage than it's UCB-100. It also repairs itself instantly re-launching all Interceptors. The re-spawn rate of this mothership is 10-15 minutes.

Deadly Battleray Edit

This one is exactly like the normal Battleray in shape, HP, shield and speed; But this one is much more difficult to defeat due to it's increased amount of damage and minion-spawning.

It heals it's Interceptors with 600 HP/s and summons more Interceptors than the Battleray. It's damage is also increased to 12,000-14,000. Ultra Elite ships will have no problem dealing with these as they are still fragile without the Interceptors. Fully Elite and below should be cautious as interceptors will chase you and the Deadly Battle does deal heavy damage.

The rewards from Deadly Battleray are:

->187,500 EP.

-> 375 honor points.

-> 2,625,000 Credits.

->265 Uridium.


The normal Battleray is located in 5-3, on the bottom of the map in groups of 4. There is a Pirate symbol to indicate its location. They only spawn in maximum number of 4.

The Deadly Battleray can spawn in the 4-X Battle maps and it's re-spawn rate is slower.

Cargo dropEdit

Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
400 400 400 64 64 8 4


  • The Battleray has the second largest alien graphic to date, the largest being the Devourer.
  • This Pirate wasn't released with the others. It was released later during the Pirate map update.
  • If more than 2 players are to shoot the Battleray (P.E.T. 10 counts as a player), it will get furious, use RSB, heal itself for 30,000 per second, and launch more Interceptors than usual.
  • The Battleray gives an extraordinary amount of credits when destroyed. Almost four times more than a Kristallon (in proportion). However, the Interceptor swarm it releases does make it considerably more difficult than a Kristallon and its own base damage is around twice the amount of the Kristallon. Nevertheless, it is still a large reward for the work.
  • Be sure to have at least 2 Ultra-Elite players with yourself when going to deal with the Deadly Battleray; Destroying this alien gets more difficult when enemy players come in fight with you, so it's recommended to not fight it (only do in extreme need, like in missions).

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