During and around the old client, many BigBoy Designs could be found throughout the space maps. There were only two colored designs available at the time and administrators and players could easily be spotted using these designs. Until this day, none have been seen, only through chance by WIZ-X hologram rockets.

Bigpoint designEdit

A red featured design available for the BigBoy ship that had a Bigpoint logo on the hull. This design costed 50,000 Uridium or be found in Trade (special auction). After 2009, or most commonly the new client ,it was removed from the game and most commonly found on admin ships. The design gave a 5% damage boost such as the Enforcer design for the Goliath ship.

Green designEdit


Featuring a green design for the BigBoy ship, this design has very little information about it. It was given to admin ships as well as could be bought in Shop. It is also no longer in the game and even a WIZ-X hologram rocket does not give the design.




BigBoy Designs
Official Description
The Solemn Design for the Bigboy gives you a 10% bonus on all experience points gained!


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