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A Booster is an elite item that when activated, gives the player a temporary "boost" that increases a certain stat such as damage, shields, etc. When the booster is purchased from the Shop, it lasts 10 hours from the time of purchase and only runs out in game, not when you are logged out. There is also a max boost level for each booster that can only reach up to 50%.

Shared booster Edit

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A Shared booster is also an elite item that not only gives a boost to a certain stat, but also shares a 5% boost with any same company players nearby. These boosters are only available for limited times only and are not always in the Shop.


A regular booster has a B01 at the end of its name while a Shared booster ends with B02.


A booster costs 10,000 Uridium each.

If you have a Booster subscription, a new booster of the same type will be bought right before the booster expires.

There are currently nine boosters available to purchase regularly; the nine shared boosters are available during limited events only.

Boosters available Edit


  • Shared boosters are still shared with your company including players who are in a clan that have declared war against you.

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