Boss Curcubitor

Boss Curcubitor

Hit points 1.200.000 on x-6
Shield 1.200.000 on x-6
Average Damage Unknown
Base Speed Unknown
Destroy Rewards

The Boss Curcubitor is a special Alien that was released during the Pumpkin Fest 2012. It is slightly weaker version of the Kucurbium, only requiring a couple of Full-Elite players to destroy it.


The Boss Curcubitor can be found when a certain number of Curcubitors are destroyed. Usually lets people on the same map know about its arrival with a pop-up.

Special attackEdit

The Boss Curcubitor has two skills to defend itself:

  • The first skill (indicated by a red halo) reverses the controls of the ship that is hit. So when one tries to fly up, it will go down instead, etc.
  • The second skill (indicated by a green halo) is a sticky bomb that gets fired onto the selected player and sticks to his or her ship. It then has a countdown of 10 seconds before exploding, just like a mine. Can do up to 120k damage.


  • It will glow the color 5 seconds prior to using a skill.
  • The Boss Curcubitor will always target the player that is closest to it.
  • Using an EMP can get rid of the applied sticky bomb or reversed controls.

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