This page is used for information only about the types of bots (or hacks) known to be used in DarkOrbit and is NOT designed for promoting bot use. So please refrain from posting bot names anywhere on the Wiki or this page, including in the comments. Posting URL's linking to bot websites is also forbidden.

Known bots Edit

Bonus Box collector Edit

Allows the player to pick up bonus boxes automatically. This is the most commonly used bot. People who use this kind of bot can be commonly seen on the X-8 maps or much more commonly, the X-2 maps and they often box cloaked. These bots can fly with P.E.T. 10 and sometimes they can do Galaxy Gates too. People who use these bots are very likely to get banned owing to BigPoint's strict regulation and new methods involved with regard to catching botters.

Uridium makerEdit

Although it is not known whether these bots actually work, there are many of them advertised on many websites such as YouTube. These bots are supposed generate large amounts of uridium to your account for free. However many people who downloaded these reported that a virus was put onto their computer or their account was hacked shortly afterward. Many of these "work" by asking you to post your Username and your password and the amount of uridium you want sent to your account. There are much of films on You Tube, but this is 100% fake. If they want, to send SMS BIG ..... on number .... you add uridium to THEIR account. They do that: 1. Open file "Uridium Maker" or something like that. 2. Pause recording. 3. Open Google Chrome and editing their uridium. 4. Play recording. So, THIS IS 100% FAKE.

Do not download any of these 'bots'. They are usually viruses, have malware, and when you type your username and password, be prepared to find out that you can't access your account anymore. These people who create these download files want to ruin you and this is how they do it. Beware.

General purpose botEdit

These bots are nasty. They sport many unfair features such as automatic bonus box collecting, automatic alien killing, autolocking, the ability to control multiple accounts at once.

Demilitarized zone hackEdit

If you thought things didn't get any worse, well you're wrong. These hacks allow people shoot people in a Demilitarized Zone. This hack is also one of the hardest ones to detect. These bots used to be uncommon, but now they are becoming extremely common on some servers.

Damage hack Edit

These types of cheats are actually surprisingly rare, as the process of increasing damage output is to do with manipulating the server entirely, making it extremely visible to script or security administrator alike. People always use Wicked Patcher (WP) or something like that. You see very high damage, but your damage don't go higher.Edit

Enemy finderEdit

A new hack introduced January 2012, this hack is a program that finds enemy players for people. Because of how new it is, it's quite rare (but becoming quite common on some servers) but it is also almost undetectable at this point in time.

Bid botEdit

A common bot. Allows you to set a quick bid down for a certain item. Bid botters are easily found simply by the number of items they can bid on in a very short time. Many believe they can uncover a Bid bot by sending an outfit request, looking for the "No player exists with this name." Error. This can however be mistaken with those who have logged on for 5 minutes to place a small number of bids down, this makes a Bid bot extremely difficult to catch. The only other way to catch a bid botter is to look at their rank. If it is a Basic Space Pilot, and they are bidding for many elite items at around the 5 minute mark, then they are most likely botting.

CJT (Connection Jacking Tool)Edit

An uncommon but lethal hack. This bot causes the target to lose connection for roughly a minute or so. Usually enough time to pop a mid-level player. Although uncommon, it's sadly becoming more and more used.

Admin Panel HackEdit

This isn't a program or a bot, but it is far more serious. Like the name implies, this is where someone hacks into the admin panel. From here they can do a number of things such as give themselves huge amounts of uridium for free. Some people who have managed to tap into the admin panel have even set up their own e-business by selling uridium for prices so cheap they undercut BP's official prices (e.g: 4,000,000,000 uri for $80) and they can also unban/ban accounts as well credit items to their accounts. Usually however, the hackers are caught and are instantly given a full account ban.

Punishment for using a bot or hackEdit

If you are caught using a bot then you will be punished severely. The newest measures will take the following actions: 

  • Only one warning; accounts are banned for 72 hours and all pilot points and item upgrades are deleted. 
  • Permaban; after a final warning, accounts are permanently banned. No "if"s, no "but"s.

Bigpoint measures against bottingEdit


  • If you suspect a player botting, simply report them.
  • Most botters run to a demilitarized zone after being attacked.
  • They can do perfect circles around aliens.
  • They also are known to aim much faster than regular.