A Box is floating content that usually has a cube shape but can be various colors, shapes, or sizes and once collected, give the player/P.E.T. 10 a random reward, usually items such as ammunition, currency, or in some cases, parts for Assembly or parts for a Drone. You can find a box on almost all maps, being that 4-4, 4-5, 51, 5-2, and 5-3 are the exceptions. Any boxes collected on a battle map are worth 1.5x the amount. Also during a special event or sometimes a promotional offer, you will see a new box that could have more or greater rewards. To collect a box, you simply click on a box and you will begin to collect it, you can also assign your P.E.T. 10 to "Auto-looter" mode to collect them automatically.

Overview Edit

Regular bonus box Edit

Bonus Box Most commonly found, regular rewards such as ammo, Uridium, Credits,

Sun box Edit

Sun Box

Present box Edit

Christmas Box
Christmas box2
Pumpkin Box
Kuiper Box
Easter Box Star Box Czech box St. Patrick's Day Box Mardi Gras Box
PET 10 Box
Pirate Booty
Demon Drone Box
Saimon box

List of boxesEdit

  • Bonus box (most common, found throughout many maps, any time)
  • Ice box (appeared only during the Iceberg Invasion)
  • Football Box (appeared during the 2014 FIFA World Cup hosted in Brazil)
  • Pirate chest and keys (found throughout space, slightly rare, any time)
  • Sun box (appeared only during the Summer Games in 2011)
  • Gift Box (appears during December)
  • Christmas Box 2 (red - during Christmas/Birthday 11.12.2013, December, Darkorbit 7th Birthday)
  • Pumpkin Box (appears during Halloween, October)
  • Easter Egg Box (appears during Easter, April)
  • Mardi Gras Box (appears during Mardi Gras, February)
  • Czech Flag Box (appears during John Huss's Day, 6th July)
  • St. Patrick's Day Box (appears during St. Patrick's Day, March)
  • Star Box (during Christmas 2007 (2008?),  December) - replaced by Christmas Box
  • Parasite Box (appeared only during the Parasite Tide Event, May 2015)
  • PET 10 Box (appeared 21st of September until 4th of October 2015)
  • UBA Box (appeared during the Ultimate Battle Arena (UBA) Event, August 2015)
  • Demon Drone Box (appeared during the Halloween 2015 Event in the Tunnel of Terror)
  • Kuiper Gate Event Box (appeared during the Kuiper Gate Launch, November 2015)
  • M.A.S.Q.U.E Box (appeared during the M.A.S.Q.U.E Event, April 2016)
  • Saimon Box (appeared during the Saimon Rebellion Event, September 2016)

See also Edit

  • Cargo (resembles boxes, contain ore instead)