Bonus Box

Boxing is a term used when a player begins collecting what are called Bonus Boxes to earn various rewards depending on the type of box collected. This can be done by searching through maps and simply clicking on the bonus box and your ship will begin collecting the contents.

This method is commonly used to earn Uridium without having to purchase it. They also can contain up to 100 Uridium per box and usually contain ammunition for any weapons on your ship.

Special events Edit

Occasionally, there will be a new Event that houses new boxes to collect with different or even more rewards. They are only available for a certain amount of time and usually disappear when the event has ended.

Battle maps Edit

When in the battle maps, collecting any bonus box gives you an increased 50% in rewards making these locations great for boxing but more of a risk for low level players.

Bonus box contentsEdit

Common contents of a bonus box are:

Contents in the battle maps (PvP): Edit

  • 15, 30, 75 LCB-10 ammo
  • 7, 15, 30 MCB-25 ammo
  • 7, 15, 30 MCB-50 ammo
  • 7, 15 ,30 SAB-50 ammo
  • 30, 75, 150 Uridium
  • 2 extra energy for the galaxy gate generator (rare chance)
  • 300, 750, 1,500 Credits

Tips Edit

  • Using a cloaking device while boxing can let you avoid enemy and alien detection.
  • Once you attain level 14 or higher, you can no longer collect any bonus box in your X-1 map.