CBO-100 (Combo Battery Ordnance) is elite laser battery ammo that has a unique form of damage. It inflicts the same damage as MCB-50 along with half of anti-shield effect from the SAB-50 ammo. It is available in the Shop for limited times only.

Using CBO-100 causes your ship to shoot large blue fireball-like laser battery ammunition. It can be used to a great advantage due to having great volume damage and the shield absorption.


5 uridium per battery unit.

In-game descriptionEdit

Combo 100 is a rare ammunition that inflicts the damage of the MCB-50 ammo along with half of the anti-shield effect of the SAB-50 ammo.


  • During the Space Cup 2012, CBO-100 was given an upgrade in damage and effectiveness (from the original 2.5 times LCB-10 damage and one quarter of SAB-50 ammo).
  • The battery looks a lot like a soccer ball
  • Due to the high cost it is not recommended to buy them, unless you have lots of Uridium to invest

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