Capture the Beacon is an Event that is somewhat similar to Capture the Flag, where each company starts off with a special zone on their X-2 map.

There are two beacons, each belonging to one of the enemy companies, which you must protect. At the same time, you must also try to retrieve your own beacons from the enemy's X-2 maps. You receive one point as soon as your company brings it's own beacon into your company zone, but this can only happen if the enemy beacons have been protected in your X-2 map. The player who has captured the beacon will show up on the mini-map and will not have any attack protection during the time. If this player uses a cloaking device, it will be deactivated automatically. You can track the score of the hour long matches on the special box on the space map. The player that has the beacon, will be slowed down even though they might have a fast ship, making it an easier target.

Capture the Beacon

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