Cargo Box

Cargo is the floating raw material that is dropped by a destroyed Alien or player's ship. Cargo contains ore that the previous owner had, and is available almost instantly after they are destroyed.

Contents of cargoEdit

Cargo contains ore left behind by the destroyed ship. It is only seen by the player who destroyed the ship, but after a short while, it will become available to any player who may see it. Collecting it can be done by clicking on it, and after a short delay, the contents are transferred to your ship's cargo.


Cargo Box Blue
  • Blue cargo belongs to a fellow company player, and gives you negative Honor if you collect it, this can be seen as stealing.
  • If you do not have enough cargo in your cargo bay, your ship will pick up what it can but try to collect the most rare ore available.
  • Refining is used to collect dropped cargo that cannot fit in your cargo bay.

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