Cash For Action
Cash For Action is a way of earning free Uridium which is located under the 'Uridium' tab on the backpage. It is sometimes an unreliable way of gaining large amounts of Uridium, but it's worth the time due to it being free. Cash For Action uses surveys, offers, and videos to give the user a chance at receiving free Uridium. You're not guaranteed a 100% chance at getting Uridium every offer, survey, etc., but you can do as many as you'd like.

Providers Edit

Cash For Action works by hosting providers that offer different methods of obtaining Uridium. There are several providers to choose from such as Radium, SuperRewards, SponserPlay, and many more. Note than offers depend on your country (if you change your IP address to another country you can complete offers from somewhere else)

Frequent questions Edit

Q: Do I get double/triple the amount of Uridium if I do Cash For Action during Happy or Mega hour?

A: Yes. The Uridium you earn during that time is treated the same way as if you paid for it.

Q: Is it free?

A: Although many are free, some of the ones that give larger payouts will cost money. Many providers however allow you to filter out the free ones from the rest by clicking on the 'Free' tab.

Q: Will I get a lot of spam coming to my e-mail?

A: If you do many offers, then yes. This is how the providers earn you your free Uridium by letting the offers spam your e-mail. The best thing to do is to mark the e-mails as spam and move on, or, create an alternate e-mail account mainly for this purpose.

Q: I completed an offer but I wasn't rewarded! Is there anything I can do?

A: Many providers have a support service you can contact. After a few questions, they may reward you. Note that you may have to provide proof that you completed the offer.

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