The Centaur is an elite design for the Goliath ship and features a camo blue paint job, as well as a passive 10% bonus to hitpoints. It is a limited design which can only be purchased during or after a special event. This design is slightly similiar to the Saturn Design in which it gives a 20% boost to hitpoints instead.

Right now it can be assembled for 8 H-NCA, 2 H-NCO and 2 H-PS, costing 120.000 U if you buy the parts or 160 Mucosum, 80 Plasmid, 300 Scrap and 40 Prismatium to make them.


Although labeled as a Skill Design, the Centaur does not appear to have any special abilities besides the passive bonus. It is probably labeled as a Skill Design because it can be bought only during special events.


'(Not always available)'''''''*** Available during some Events sell in shop for 100,000 Uridium'

More on official page from Bigpoint:

IMG 1818


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