Century Falcon

Century Falcon

Hit points 36.000.000
Shield 27.000.000
Average Damage 55.000-66.000
Base Speed 360
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
Massive Mothership that releases Vagrants when attacked.

Century Falcon is a massive mothership that releases Vagrants when attacked, much like the Cubikon with its Protegits. It's hitpoints and shields are massive and should require a full outfit due to it being like a mobile Cubikon. Rewards are split throughout the outfit. Strangely enough, its cargo drop is only 1 of each Ore.

It is the only LoW alien that does not appear in the Epsilon Gate.

Location Edit

The Century Falcon is located in the LoW gate, near the middle of the map, and in the Kappa Gate. it is also located in some invasion gates.

Cargo DropEdit

Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
1 1 1 1 1 1 1


  • The name "Century Falcon" is a reference to the "Millennium Falcon" from Star Wars.
  • This alien gives 2000 points to your vants, which is far beyond any other NPCs can give.

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