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  • VRU Citadel
Max Hit points 550,000 HP
Max Nano Hull 540,000
Cost 300,000 Uridium
Speed 240
Lasers 7
Generators 20
Batteries 20,000
Rockets 2,000
Extra 5
Cargo 4000
With Cargo Expander 8000
Cargo as Premium Member 4500
Cargo as Premium Member with Cargo Expander 9000
Destroy Rewards
EP120000 EPHonor1200 honor
Official Description
The Citadel, also known as the outfit's "tank", is a heavy-duty cruiser with two slots for rocket-launchers and the following abilities:

Draw FireDraw Fire: This ability allows you to temporarily redirect nearby enemy fire towards your ship.

TravelTravel: This ability briefly increases your ship's speed, so you can quickly travel long distances.

ProtectionProtection: This ability deploys a protective shield around your ship and redirects a portion of the damage inflicted on all nearby outfit members to your ship.

FortifyFortify: This skill fortifies your ship with protective armor and reduces its resistance to damage. It will however immobilize your ship.

The Citadel is a Heavy Battlecruiser and is one of the three New ships, the most expensive one, with abilities and statistics that make it almost a moving fortress.


It costs 300,000 Uridium and it's available for bidding in Trade. (very expensive)

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Huge hitpoints (more than twice Goliath's hitpoints)
  • Highest number of generators. (20 instead of 15) 
  • Largest cargo space (more than twice Goliath's cargo space)
  • Highest amount of extras (five)
  • Defensive abilities
  • 2 Hellstorm Launchers (Reload seperately)


  • The slowest ship
  • Very expensive
  • Low numbers of lasers (half of Goliath 's lasers)

The Citadel is far stronger compared to the Goliath (in resistance) and just like with the Aegis, it has a lack of offensive abilities, but this is compensated with its tanky abilities.

If you want to be a tank the Citadel is the one ship you have been waiting for! 


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