Gentlemans Club

No Clan Logo

Clan Name Gentlemans Club
Server USA 3 (East Coast)
Company Earth Industries Corporation
Leader ™°†Ħøℓy¤Ģђøst†°™
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War

[Gent] Gentlemans ClubEdit

"This clans main goal is to help the progress and growth of EIC."

The rules of this clan are:Edit

1. Be Peaceful

a. Don't attack clan members.
b. Don't attack members of an Alliance.
c. Don't attack anyone who is protected by special order of "Elite Council" or Leader / Co-Leader.

2. Anyone Can Join If They Abide By These Specifications:

a. Be active with clan.
b. Help members of clan and EIC in general.
c. Don't back talk higher rank.
d. Don't beg for credits, send formal request.
e. Show respect as a players for you are representing the clan.

3. Funds:

a. Clan Tax will always stay at 1% to help memebers in need.
b. Don't beg for credits, send in a formal request with reasoning for the sudden need of credits.
c. We don't do "Payouts". Send in a formal request and the Clan Leader will decide wether or not to send.

4. Foreign Policy:

a. Don't instigate wars.
b. Attacking other players is acceptable but don't "push" players.
c. We are NOT bullies, we are here to help not hurt.

*If these rules are not followed it can lead to clan probation. If multiple instances occur it will result in termination of clan membership.Edit

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