We are a loyal EIC clan. We will fight for our clan and company.  We welcome all Space Pilots, that want to have fun. You will need a minimum of 100k ep before you app will be considered.When you apply please write alittle about yourself in the app. ANY APP THAT IS BLANK WILL BE REJECTED  

Before you apply please talk to our members and leadership.

This is a NOT a war clan we fight and destroy other company unless another clan declares war on us. This is a clan where u can hang out and have fun and level up with support.

More info provided after accpetence into clan...

Our info...Edit

  • Clan leader:  


  • Clan rank: 19
  • Company: EIC
  • Recuiting...
  • Server: USA (East Coast 2)
  • Co. Leader: mkmosely3993

​Ranks are as follows:

  • Pilot
  • Proby

(Must be accepted and apply for the rest)

  • Mentor
  • Sr. Mentor
  • Quest Master
  • Co. Leader
  • Leader ( will never happen )

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