Clan 45 54793

Clan Name ԍαмєя-ƒоυηdαтιоη-єαятн™
Server Germany
Company Earth Industries Corporation
Leader Oliver[gƒє™][PRE]
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War
Team Speak Address


The clan ԍαмєя-ƒоυηdαтιоη-єαятн™ was founded by a user named Dave0457 in 2007. It later got deleted and refounded on the 21 January 2012 During the months it got more and more popular while the clans rank moved up. Currently, the clan is ranked 15 on Germany 1, with 43 active users and a daily income of 300,000,000 credits (from a 1% tax). 

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