Welcome To 4SaKeNEdit

We are 4SaKeNEdit

If you wish to join then please do send a app with a good reason. We want to war and rule the game because we are 4SaKeN and if you need help then do ask me and we could work a time out to go pally or hunting. It would be amazing if you could pass the word on about us and try to get more members in. Payouts will be done weekly when we get more credits. We have %80 of Gemini in 2.4 and are trying to get it to %100. I am looking for a trust worthy and active Co-Leader and a general to help lead the clan. If you want to help the mail me in game "DJdemon7" and send a application type of thing saying you want to apply for Co-Leader or General and tell me what your skills are and how old you are and what ship and level you are. Also if you want to have a photo put on this then post and i will upload it. Well do send a download link obviusly and i will make a caption saying your name.

Stay 4SaKeN and awsome!


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