Asgard Alliance

Asgard Ship Jack O'Neill (paper model by Jaybats) preview

Clan Name Asgard Alliance
Server Unknown
Company Unknown
Leader CaptAkywalker
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War

Asgard AllianceEdit

   The Asgard Alliance is owned and operated by CaptSkywalker!

The Application process is relativly simple. Just send in the application with your name and current level. We will review your application and go from there.


The ranks of the clan are as follows







With participation in the clan and participation in battles you can grow in your Rank. There is only one Leader and Co-Leader. The other ranks can have multiple personel.

Job Description:

Leader- To run the clan and make sure everyone is following the rules and the regulations set forth.

Co-Leader- To help run the clan.

Recruiter- The ablitiy to hire and fire clan memebers.

Treasurer- To pay the clan members on a timely manner.

Captain and Member- To strive to be better and rank up.


It is everyones responsiblity to help eachother out and to strive to better yourself and your ship.

It is everyones responsibility to communicate with one another and to ask for help when needed.

It is everyones responsibility to to follow the rules.


Yes in the Asgard Alliance you will get paid for doing your job. Pay day is every Monday. Your first pay check will come after being with the clan for a week. Diffrent Ranks have diffrent pays.

Leader 100,000 credits

Co-Leader 90,000 Credits

Treasurer 80,000 Credits

Recruiter 70,000 credits

Captain 60,000 credits

Memeber 50,000 credits

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