Battleship Corporation

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Clan Name Battleship Corporation
Server Unknown
Company Unknown
Leader Unknown
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War

Battleship CorporationEdit

There are not that many members in this clan, but the most of us are very rich, so the clan earns over a million credits every day.

Things to know about the clan:

Leader: Sir.Fredde.

Co.Leader: Gurre98.

Tag: [∞]

By the time this was written, the clan had eight members: Sir.Fredde, gurre98, Captain.Filip, filleops, foxhead, ReservTillFredde, =#[≤¥ϡ¥Ϟ¥ϡ¥≥]#= and gurre98´s older brother martiiin.

You should also know that the most members are swedish. This is not a problem though, because most of us can speak english. Som of us also speak a little spanish, and some speaks chinese.

We have a newsletter, it comes out every sunday and is written by gurre98.

ranks: dragon food (Captain.Filip Filleops), moneymaker (=#[≤¥ϡ¥Ϟ¥ϡ¥≥]#= foxhead reservtillfredde), soldier, right hand (marrtiiin), left hand, marine soldier, second clanleader, economi chef (gurre98).

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