[B.B] Big and BadEdit

Clan photo wiki

One of two in the fight.

LvL 12 and up only. If you arent Lvl 12 but need help getting there we will help 1 person at a time (subject to change if we recieve enough help). Credits will be given out if a ship report is sent in telling what you need the credits for but we must see improvement and dedication from you in return. Get to know the members and make friends with them and in turn you will receive rewards. Have fun and fly safe.

  • Cturner clan wiki photo

    Clan leader and founder. I'm here to make sure you make it through without a scratch.

    We do not focus on power or strength, we only enforce it.
  • We do not crtisise for weakness or inexpieriece, we work towards improvement.

Clan /klan/

A close knit group of families.

Let's keep it that way.

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