Empire of Mongolia

No Clan Logo

Clan Name Empire of Mongolia
Server Must use abbreviations, see Servers
Company Mars Mining Operations
Leader -aaaw-
Co-Leader BLUE_SKY_MGL, ~WarHeaD•EA™~, ^
Alliances Do Иot Disturb Alliance 18.06.2012 -

FRY THE CHICKENS NAP 29.06.2012 - Shadow Hunters of Mars Alliance 30.07.2012 - PINOYS SPECIAL SPACE TROOPS NAP 04.11.2012 - ǤUN 4 HIRE ™ Alliance 08.12.2012 - Deadly Warriors Alliance 07.01.2013 - Red Planet Mafia Alliance 13.02.2013 - SHADOWS OF DEATH Alliance 02.04.2013 - Asi No mas Po Alliance 16.04.2013 - Rise Above Fear None War (7) 27.05.2013 - ZeeQs Clan Alliance 29.05.2013

At War EIC, VRU, Rise Above Fear None(clan)
Site none
Team Speak Address


Mongolchuud ewtei baihdaa huchtei.Hoorondoo bolon company doo ew negdeltei baina shuu.1-rt ew negdel 2-rt haraal helehgui baih ni bidniig negtgej chadna bugd dor burnee chat deer haraal helehgui baihiig hichee.3-rt aliwa asuudalaa leaderuuddee teged bugd ew negdeltei huchirheg clan bolhiin tuluu shuu!:)

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