Energy Transfer Gate
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Clan logo of Energy Transfer Gate

Clan Name Energy Transfer Gate
Server Unknown
Company Unknown
Leader Unknown
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War

Energy Transfer Gate Edit

Energy Transfer Gate ( clan tag [Gate] ), is a relatively new, active, and vibrant clan with a clear leadership structure and generous payout policies. We welcome new players who need help, and old players who either want to help or just want a good clan. The clan leader is Espol (who goes by Krzysz00 on this wiki), who also acts through his alt, espol01. We also have a first-rate assistant leader, who goes by many names.

Clan Text and PoliciesEdit

Hello. This clan is for all who don't already have a place in other clans. If you always wanted to be in a clan but no one accepted you Energy Transfer Gate is for YOU! We accept all types of players and will gladly help you improve if you help others do the same. The tax rate is 3%. [scroll down for policies]

Clan policies: 1) We will make payouts from the clan treasury to you if you can tell us what you need the credits for, and if we have double the amount you want in the treasury. 2) As you become more acquainted with the clan, you will be promoted to higher ranks and given more privileges. ***USE THEM WISELY!!!!*** If you abuse your privileges, you will lose your rank. 3) There is no policy #3 4) The clan leader is permitted to delegate authority to those of Leader rank, if he will not be available for a long period of time. This change shall be announced in the clan text. 5) Every week, half of the treasury will be divided into equal share and 1 share wil be given to each member. People who have contributed large amounts of credits may receive small additional bonuses, as the leaders discretion.

(Yes we know this isn't EXACTLY the clan text. This will be fixed eventually)

Membership requirementsEdit

None. Just apply, and you're in.

However, to be promoted, you must do something for the clan. Each promotion gives you more privileges. The ranks in this clan are

  • Initiate
  • Apprentice
  • Warrior
  • Hero
  • Leader
  • Full Leader (given to those who can run the clan at any time)

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