Tag/Clan name: [4Ç€] FØRÇ€
Founding date: 06.05.2013
Clan leader: ~Morph33~
Number of members: 16
Clan rank: 319
Company affiliation: MMO
Tax rate: 0% (95,124,501 Credits)Teamspeak address: channel password:forceRecruiting Status: Recruiting (Level 10+)


1)Force is a level 14+ MMO clan only 2)We avoid wars with other MMO clans. Players who create wars here will be punished, kicking you out is one of the easy punishments, you don't want to know the others! 3)We are a peaceful clan working together to strengthen each other 4)Never shoot MMO unless provoked 5)Clan tax is negotiable, if you have an issue with it talk to the Clan leader. 8) Teamspeak server is, no server password, channel password is force

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