[FΞΑΓ] League Of Shadows

No Clan Logo

Clan Name [FΞΑΓ] League Of Shadows
Server Must use abbreviations, see Servers
Company Unknown
Leader ∞•ŞĿΔYER•∞
Co-Leader .SИΘW•ĐЯΛGΘИ™.


Alliances None
At War Not At War
[FΞΑΓ] League Of Shadows

Clan Leader: ∞•ŞĿΔYER•∞

Leaders: .SИΘW•ĐЯΛGΘИ™.

Server: Global America 3 (GA3)

We accept all and every company players (EIC, MMO, VRU) our aim is to achive a success in helping noobs who need help, we are a peaceful clan and thats the way we like it.. Always ask for our help as we try to help as much as we possibly can :)

  1. NO SHOOTING ALLIANCE/NAP/CLAN MEMBERS, if shot against report to leaders straight away.
  2. ALWAYS RESPECT FELLOW CLAN MATES (higher or lower rank than you)
  3. ASK FOR HELP IF NEEDED (dont be shy)
  4. ALWAYS TRY TO HAVE FUN (just remember, its just a game)

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